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Commonly Used Paper Sizes

Paper and printed documents can come in many different shapes and sizes but the most common sizes used in both Australia and New Zealand conform to the ISO (International Standards) system. The ISO system comprises of three main series and one supplementary series:

The ISO paper sizes are

ISO216 A Series:

The ISO216 A Series is the most commonly used system in the world today.

ISO216 A Series
  • A0 841mm × 1189mm
  • A1 594mm × 841mm
  • A2 420mm × 594mm
  • A3 297mm × 420mm
  • A4 210mm × 297mm
  • A5 148mm × 210mm
  • A6 105mm × 148mm
  • A7 74mm × 105mm
  • A8 52mm × 74mm
  • A9 37mm × 52mm
  • A10 26mm × 37mm

ISO217 SRA Series:

The ISO217 SRA Series is considered the ‘untrimmed’ original size of the ISO216 A Series of paper sizes and are used where a document requires bleed or grip.

ISO217 SRA Series
  • SRA0 900mm × 1280mm
  • SRA1 640mm × 900mm
  • SRA2 450mm × 640mm
  • SRA3 320mm × 450mm
  • SRA4 225mm × 320mm

ISO216 B Series:

The ISO216 B Series is used as an alternative to the ISO216 A Series.

ISO216 B Series
  • B0 1000mm × 1414mm
  • B1 707mm × 1000mm
  • B2 500mm × 707mm
  • B3 353mm × 500mm
  • B4 250mm × 353mm
  • B5 176mm × 250mm
  • B6 125mm × 176mm
  • B7 88mm × 125mm
  • B8 62mm × 88mm
  • B9 44mm × 62mm
  • B10 31mm × 44mm

ISO269 C Series:

Slightly larger than the A Series, the ISO269 C Series is used largely for envelopes.

ISO269 C Series
  • C0 917mm × 1297mm
  • C1 648mm × 917mm
  • C2 458mm × 648mm
  • C3 324mm × 458mm
  • C4 229mm × 324mm
  • C5 162mm × 229mm
  • C6 114mm × 162mm
  • C7 81mm × 114mm
  • C8 57mm × 81mm
  • C9 40mm × 57mm
  • C10 28mm × 40mm
  • C7/6 81mm × 162mm
  • DL 110mm × 220mm

Other useful sizes

There are also some commonly used sizes that are not part of the ISO system

  • IPS 650mm × 910mm
  • Half IPS 455mm × 650mm
  • A4 SQUARE 210mm × 210mm
  • THIRD A4 210mm × 99mm
  • CD CASE 120mm × 120mm

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