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UV Ultra II Product Range

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UV Ultra II translucent papers provide outstanding printability and press stability. Available in four finishes - Radiant White, Columns, Oxford and Pearlized. UV Ultra II is the whitest and brighest translucent sheet available. Clearly the premier translucent. * Dry Toner - Compatible * Excellent Formation * Superior Transparency * Wide Choice of Finishes * Previously Gilclear PEARL = Pearlized RAD WHITE = Radiant White Best Rate = 4+ Mill Packs | * Appropriate Rates Apply *

Eco Credentials

  • Well Managed Forests
  • ECF
Mill Certifications available on request Enviromental Profile for this stock


  • Laser Inkjet
GSM Microns Colour Dimensions
90 0 CLEARFOLD 635 x 965
105 0 COLUMNS 635 x 965
105 0 OXFORD 635 x 965
105 0 RAD WHITE 635 x 965
117 0 PEARL 635 x 965
135 0 RAD WHITE 635 x 965
181 0 CLEARFOLD 635 x 965

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