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A reclaimed paper built for letterpress, with a name evoking the original. More than pulp, less than pure and primed to make a lasting impression. The post consumer raw material has already seen a lot, the differences is colour and surface as well as inclusions varying in quantity and size are characteristics. Each sheet is different, each sheet is unique.

Eco Credentials

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GSM Microns Colour Dimensions
330 60 USED WHITE 700x1000
330 60 SOFT KRAFT 700x1000
330 60 FADED GREY 700x1000
330 60 DULL BLACK 700x1000
530 80 USED WHITE 700x1000
530 80 SOFT KRAFT 700x1000
530 80 FADED GREY 700x1000
530 80 DULL BLACK 700x1000

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